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 1930. Deauville, France. After a tumultuous and fiery marriage the divorced couple, Elyot & Amanda, find themselves in adjacent suites while honeymooning with their new partners - Sybil & Victor respectively. The view from their adjoining balconies is all shimmering sea and moonlight. So romantic! And when Amanda overhears a familiar voice singing Some Day I'll Find You, old passions reignite and the estranged lovers run away together to Paris to flirt and fight repeatedly before being tracked down by their jilted spouses - with explosive and hilarious consequences.


Since its opening at Londons Phoenix Theatre in August 1930, Private Lives has retained its remarkable appeal, captivating audiences worldwide. After his huge success at The Mill with Blithe Spirit, The Mill is delighted to welcome back Tam Williams to direct another of Noel Coward's glittering comedies . Together with our clever and talented production team he is guaranteed to give you an elegant and glamorous evening in the theatre, full of razor sharp wit, bubbling with sex and promises like a glass of sparkling vintage champagne. 

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