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Bella Manningham is convinced that she's losing her mind just as her mother did before her. And, like her Mother,  she is terrified that she will end up in an asylum.  She is haunted by the memory of an aunt violently murdered and sees ghostly apparitions; she hears floorboards creaking overhead; familiar objects disappear and then inexplicably reappear. While her handsome, domineering husband - Jack - is out in the evening the gaslight eerily dims and flickers.

 Does the terror exist in her imagination or are dark secrets living in her home? The surprise arrival of Rough, a retired detective  leads to a shocking discovery that will shake her respectable Victorian marriage to its core.


The Mill at Sonning is excited to present one of the greatest thrillers of all time written  by Patrick Hamilton - who is right up there with Hitchcock & Christie as one of the masters of the psychological thriller. Adapted for the screen the part of Bella was played by Ingrid Bergman. It has become a classic movie and enjoyed by all generations.

The intimate atmosphere of The Mill's auditorium will have you on the edge of your seat as the creepily atmospheric tension of the play builds and you will - believe me - be horribly frightened and  entertained all at the same time.

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