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'T was the week before Christmas and all though the house sat six members of Pendon Writers' Circle. All suffering the same predicament - Writer's block! Jess writes bodice rippers. Grace creates children's stories. Vivvi has completed her 6th crime novel - unpublished of coures! Clem is a sci - fi fanatic. Brevis is adapting The Pilgrim's Progress into - wait for it - a musical. "You've got your imagination, haven't you? To fall back on? You can make up worlds of your own, can't you?" Declares Arnold, the group's chairman. Let's pool our idears, he says, and create a joint work. Oh no! No! Can't do that, is the stubborn reaction from the non - writing writers. Definitely not! Until - in the best corny tradition of thrillers - a raging storm ensues. A dramatic clap of thunder strikes. And all the various fictions of the wannabe writers' spring startlingly and vivdly to life. Hold onto your hats as this hilarious comedy zigzags from Victorian melodrama, to 1930's detective cliff hanger, to extreme science fiction fantasy - with a touch of Sid the Squirrel thrown in! Result? A side - splitting thoroughly bonkers example of what can happen when you let Alan Ayckbourn's imagination run riot. 





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