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The setting is an elegant London flat belonging to the happily married Philip and Joanna Markham. Philip, a straight-laced publisher of children’s books, has reluctantly agreed to let Henry Lodge, his partner, borrow the apartment for the evening to entertain a new girlfriend. At the same time, Joanna Markham has allowed Linda Lodge to  borrow the apartment so she can rendezvous with her lover. What nobody knows is that the Interior Designer has also decided that this is the night he wants to try out the new oval bed – with the au pair girl  When the Markhams evening out is cancelled, it is too late to let any of the parties know and three sets of hopeful lovers all converge on the bedroom at the same time. The situation is further complicated by the arrival of Olive Harriet Smythe, a dour and successful authoress. The frantic efforts of the Markhams to hide the amorous goings-on and, at the same time sign up Miss Smythe, lead to a hectic and hilarious evening where, as in all farces, chaos and

confusion reign!!

The Mill is thrilled that Ray Cooney, the world-renowned master of comedy, will direct this play that he co-wrote with the brilliant John Chapman.  Don’t miss this saucy, sparkling and riotously funny treat. You won’t stop laughing !

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